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Living in Harmony - Case studies 

Case Study1  Seated Exercises :

Mrs Khan (Not real name) 72-year-old came with the support worker from one of the charities for LIH seated exercise classes. She was quite depressed and felt lonely at home and would like to mingle with people. She lives with her family and unable to go out alone due to lack of confidence.

She heard about the services in Slough like navigator, wellbeing etc but no one contacted or referred her to any of the community groups and she does not know how to contact them. While talking to the support worker she told Mrs Khan that she will take her to LIH one day for the seated exercise classes. She thought there will be a lot of people and she was surprised seeing only few people. We had a lot of time talking to her and knowing her. She enjoyed the company of other ladies. I told her that I do not believe in getting more people and the quality of service is very important for me. She enjoyed the gentle exercises and we went to the café for a cup of tea afterwards. Mrs Kahan enjoyed the day. In few weeks’ time she made friends and she enquired about one of the other group near her house. I told her about the exercise classes which they run, and she will be able to join. She visited the group and enjoyed there. The next week when she came she told us all about the other group and the exercises. She thoroughly enjoyed.

Mrs Khan now enjoys both these groups and feel happier than before. She told us that she is not feeling isolated any more. She made friends with many ladies from both groups and she is enjoying the exercise classes. Mrs. Khan feels healthier, and happy. She gained more confidence and travel alone in the bus.

Moral of the story and the lesson learned: Take the first step then more steps will follow means take the first step to meet some one or group then one can meet many groups and people. Thus, prevent isolation and loneliness and have a happy healthy life. You are not alone.

Case Study 2 Emotion

Few years ago I was on full time job

Once I went to work and suddenly collapsed at work. When my colleagues took me to the accident and emergency, they informed my family that my condition was critical. It was a complete shock to my family. I never been ill in my life.

I was diagnosed with a few long term medical conditions such as Stroke, Diabetes, Hypertension and underactive thyroid. It was like a blow to our face. I was physically and emotionally upset about the whole thing.

Everyone concentrated on all the physical support to get me better and completely neglected my emotional health.

I have always felt that emotions are an important part of our day to day life. I live with few long-term medical conditions and mood swing is one of the important factors in my life. It can create various problems with your family and friends. I started looking into this more in depth and I realised all these mood swings are due to my emotional problems. Then I investigated how I would be able to manage these changes.

I learnt about Emotional Intelligence which helped me to understand the emotions better. It has given me more effective coping strategies to deal with my emotions. My relationships with family and friends have improved as a result of understanding the emotions and how to use it appropriately and at the same time able to understand the emotions of others by looking at them and interpreting their body language, It gives me confidence to set up and achieve my goals and able to solve my own problems by the use of problem solving methods efficiently and effectively in my life

Case study 3 -The link between Obesity & Diabetes

Ria’s Story – Gestational Diabetes “l had gestational diabetes when l had my second baby, about 10 years ago, and since then have been on insulin and medication. In the early stages, it was hard for me to change and to get into the routine of taking insulin and checking my glucose. l could not understand what to do. But with time l have modified my lifestyle. I watch my weight. I used to be a size 18, but now I am size 14 and I have lost about 10kg. Those changes come from my walking most of the time instead of taking public transport. l has also switched to cooking with olive oil using an air fryer change. And we go swimming as a family, with my boys teaching me different moves in the pool. I feel healthier and lighter. The more l hear from people l will also change myself. Change comes about from day-to-day learning. Sometimes it is the little things that matter the most.

Case study 4  How walking every day helped to reduce the weight

Ryan’s story:- I was diabetic for the last five years. I was overweight and on medication for diabetes and hypertension. Once I learned about Diabetes I decided to change my diet and tried to eat more fruits and vegetables. I also walk a lot everyday. Started walking to the worship place for prayer . it is at least an hour walk a day In the past three months I reduced 10kgs I feel more energetic and happy. I also started a new job and working full time.

Moral of the story : Every small tips we receive can make a big difference in our lives. Being more active and changing the lifestyle helps in reducing the weight and helps to lead a healthy ,happy life.